An Empty Fire

A fire is a source of warmth. Comfort even.

And yet if you get too close it hurts. It burns and scorches.

It destroys, decimates everything in its path if uncontrolled.

It’s beauty is deceiving and yet so alluring.




10 Of The Most Chill Songs

You know when you’re just in the mood to play some music and you’re not entirely sure of what to play? You don’t want booming electronic music or Mozart. But something in the Middle-ish? Well, I put together a small collect of what I find to be super chill and enjoyable songs! Give them a listen and decide for yourself.


  •  Medicine by The 1975

This song is so good. Such a mellow feel. I think that it’s one of those songs were you either like it or you don’t.


  • Red Berries by Angus & Julia Stone

I really enjoy the musical elements of this song, the harmonica and just the raw feel to it. It’s an easy song to listen to or having playing in the background. Angus and Julia Stone have a very particular style and like to keep it simple. It’s effective and enjoyable.

  • Firefly by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has this definite melancholy feel to a bunch of his songs, the combination of the acoustic and his soft clear voice. I feel that a lot of songs create a real atmosphere; that might just be me. If you enjoy acoustic style songs, simple and sweet then be sure to go check this one out.

  • Fragments by Jaymes Young

I’ve been listening to Jaymes Young’s music for over 2 years now and I have to say, I just love his style. His songs are very in depth. This song definitely has a sad element to it, but the constant, light rhythm gives it a real chill feel.

  • Up&Up by Coldplay

Coldplay has a great folio of both more upbeat and soft songs, this song incorporates both really well, sort of a song that you could both cry to and feel super encouraged by. Once again, super chill.

  • Prehistoric by Now, Now

Now, Now is a small band of 3, they are a subgenre being Indie Rock. Their music is enjoying, different and the song Prehistoric has a sort of a fun feel to it. Soft yet bubbly.

  • Stuck On A Puzzle by Alex Turner

The well-known singer, Alex turner from Arctic Monkeys, sings this absolutely gorgeous piece, his voice just fits so well with the lyrics and mood of the song.

  • Becomes The Colour by Emily Wells

The style of this song is definitely not your typical style, very alternative, for those who have a more acquired ear may find it enjoyable. It’s one of those songs in which you have to listen to a couple times to really get the enjoyment from it. I personally love the song because of it being the featured song in one of my absolutely favourite movies Stoker and the alternative style.

  • High by The Beach by Lana Del Rey

This song almost says it for itself. its combination of mellow-ness,  easy going-ness and chillness gives off this sort of aura of chillness. Easy going song and pleasant.

  • Uptown Folks by Dope Lemon

Angus Stone an Australia artist as a solo artist created himself a name being Dope Lemon and I have to admit his work is pretty dope, a friend actually suggested him to me, I knew about his as a duo with his sister but didn’t discover this little treasure till I was told about it. I’m glad I have been enlightened though. His music is ultra chill and relaxing. Great song for just kicking back and just throwing your worries out the window.